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5 reasons to acquire a ticketing system/incident management software

5 reasons to acquire a ticketing system/incident management software

There is no secret that millennials, the generation whose buying power is on the rise, have become the target audience of many companies. They are connected, tech-savy, always on the rush, they consume lots of pieces of information and require a lot of feedback in everything they do. For this reason, if they don’t get satisfactory answers to their questions and if the service is not top notch, it is very easy for them to switch companies.  A customer ticketing system/incident management software will help you solve customers’ problems in a timely manner, therefore retaining them and improving their overall satisfaction. 

An incident management system can speed up the necessary intervention, monitor the time spent for each intervention and improve overall interventions’ quality and customer contentment. Let’s have a look at how exactly can a ticketing system/incident management software help your business.

1.Improved process flow leads to quicker answers from ticketing system/incident management agents

All the emails received from the customers are transformed into tickets. Based on the personnel’s specialization and its workload, tickets can be automatically distributed. Therefore, operations regarding the manual attribution of tickets are no longer necessary. Deadlines are also automatically calculated, excluding non-working days and holidays, while alerts and notifications ca be sent in order to make sure all tickets are solved in due date. The automation and organization remove unnecessary operations and improve the time it takes for ticketing system/incident management agents to solve tickets.

2.Equitable workload for your personnel and overview of their productivity

Using a ticketing system /incident management software can help you with distributing tasks equitably, leading to happier and more productive personnel. Moreover, you get access to reports showing, for each employee: the number of tickets solved in a certain period of time, the average duration, deadlines overdue, etc. This types of reports can dramatically reduce the time spent on documenting employees’ activity and productivity.

3.The setup of SLAs can lead to happier customers

Companies may provide SLAs (service level agreements), which are written statements which guarantee a certain level of service for clients. Some of the conditions provided in the SLA can refer to a certain amount of time before the client receives the answer or automatic attribution of high priority status to certain requests. Ultimately, the aim of the SLAs is to guarantee certain business standards that can assure customer retention and satisfaction.

4.Enhancement of the business model and processes due to the root cause analysis

Determining the domains that need improvement is easier when using a ticketing system/incident management software, thanks to the accuracy and to the multitude of KPIs that are analyzed. Detecting repeated incidents connected to a certain activity area points to the domains that need improvement.

5.Efficient communication with clients

Probably the biggest advantage of ticketing system /incident management software is the fact it can build a healthy relationship with customers through efficient communication. The client is permanently updated with all stages the ticket is passing through, for example: created ticket, in progress, completed.

Companies who use a ticketing system or incident management software will improve their image, ranking highly in indicators like: efficiency, reactiveness, customer loyalty, satisfaction and superb customer support. This type of software can also translate in a chance for companies to follow up quickly with clients, showcase their creativity and engagement towards them.  If interested, request a quote by filling in the contact form or by contacting us at  +40 372 129 290

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