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Benefits of SaaS – 8 reasons to consider it for your business applications

Benefits of SaaS – 8 reasons to consider it for your business applications

Software as a service is an alternative to the traditional software installation where users build the server, install the application and configure it.  SaaS applications are available on a subscription basis, are hosted in a data center and you can access them over the internet. There is no need for you to install and run applications on your computer or in your own data center, therefore you don’t have to spend money on hardware acquisition, maintenance, neither on software licensing, installation and support. 

Other benefits of SaaS applications:

1.Flexible payments. By subscribing to our SaaS offering, you avoid purchasing expensive license based software to install and additional hardware to support it. Instead you can choose to pay on a monthly basis or using a pay-as-you-grow model, the latter allowing you to exercise a more predictable type of budgeting.

2.Scalability and integration. Based on the level of usage, the system dynamically and automatically adapts the processing and storage capacity. SaaS solutions reside in cloud environments and are easy to integrate with other SaaS offerings.

3.Low total cost of ownership (TCO). Due to the fact it does not need installation and additional hardware resources, there are no initial costs.

4.Reduced time to benefit. The software is already installed and configured, therefore in a couple of hours the user can have the application ready for use.

5.New releases (upgrades). While with traditional software, with every new update and release previously implemented customizations were invalidated, this does not happen with SaaS applications. Customers don’t have to buy an upgrade package and install it, or pay for specialized services to get upgrades, when using SaaS applications. Simply put, SaaS providers upgrade the solution and it becomes immediately available for their customers.

6.High adoption rate. Because most people are familiar with the internet and web browsers, SaaS applications tend to have lower learning curves and higher adoption rates.

7.Increased uptime and security. The software vendor is responsible for the software’s reliability, security and for meeting the agreed-upon SLA terms.

8.Platform agnostic. Accessible at any time. Since the software is accessible via an internet connection, it can be accessed from desktops, mobile, tablets, at any time.

Soft Pepper's portfolio contains SaaS aplications of the following type: ERP solution and ticketing softwareIf interested, request a quote by filling in the contact form or by contacting us at  +40 372 129 290

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