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On demand software development

On demand software development

On demand software development is an alternative for companies for whom the market does not offer software applications adapted to their business model. This way, there is no need for acquiring a software application which contains unnecessary modules.

There are no identical businesses and a software solution which has a good ROI in a certain company may not be suited for you. An on demand software solution which integrates in its functions company’s work processes is easier to adopt by employees, the investement in their training being minimal. 

               It is advisable that the on demand software development process take into consideration future needs for upgrages, new functionalities to be added and the scalability of the software application, both in terms of resources and number of users. When software applications are distributed through the SaaS model, new functionalities and upgrades can be implemented for free and for life, based on the acquisition of a software assurance pack.

               Besides the on demand software development software, lots of companies offer complementary services like:  IT consultancy, trainings, hosting, maintenance, etc.

               A few examples of on demand software applications that can help you grow the efficiency of your business: ticketing systems with alerts, CRM apps, ERP systems, sales force automation apps, BI systems, insurance portals, accounting software, etc.

               Do you have in mind an on demand software development project? Ask for a quotation by filling in the contact form or by calling  +40 372 129 290.

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