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Soft Pepper / articles / soft pepper has equipped the newsroom of journalism students in romania

Soft Pepper has equipped the newsroom of journalism students in Romania

Soft Pepper has equipped the newsroom of journalism students in Romania

The IT company Soft Pepper has shown its support for the educational and professional orientation program “Slatina Buzz”, dedicated to students who want to work as journalists. More precisely, the company has provided and installed 10 computers, offering the necessary support for using them, the total amount of the donation being 2000 euros.

             The objective of the “Slatina buzz” program is for students who are passionate about journalism to come in contact with this specialization, the program having a theoretical part – journalism courses with specialists from the local and national press and a practical part – writing articles for a local newspaper.

            Soft Pepper wanted to help stimulate the creativity of tens of students who prepare for the profession of journalists, in an environment as similar as possible to a newsroom. The company encourages free speech, honest and open communication among team members, but also with clients. Multilateral and professional development represent natural tendencies for Soft Pepper, as a result of working in a dynamic and ambitious team, and respect is a value that is manifested both for internal and external partners.

            Inside the company there is also cultivated the importance of professional autonomy, each member benefiting from independence and the right to freely manifest creativity in all activities. In regards to performance, this is reflected in the team’s working style and also in the results the company’s clients obtain.

           But maybe the motivation for this gesture which expresses social responsibility can be best understood from the perspective of Laurentiu Giurescu, managing partner at Soft Pepper “We are glad we had the possibility to support students in their quest to validate their passion for journalism. Like with every other profession, you need the right tools, and we hope we facilitated their journalistic debut”.  

         Bogdan Hatis, CTO of Soft Pepper was also extremely enthusiastic with the positive outcome this initiative can have for the future journalists: “The community of youngsters in Slatina impressed me each day. Their determination to make it relying only on themselves and their will to develop have charmed me and I am convinced that the devotion of those involved in this project will be much appreciated”.

            In conclusion, we hope Soft Pepper’s initiative will increase social responsibility activities that aim for a change in the society we are living in.

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