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Types of software applications for lawyers

Types of software applications for lawyers

Lawyers perform a large array of activities like: drafting legal documents, negotiation, consultancy and legal representation in civil and criminal cases. Carried to completion in a traditional manner, these activities take a lot of time, imply a great deal of work and a large amount of resources are involved. Software development companies can give a lending hand by creating software applications for lawyers, which can be of many types: 

Financial accounting applications. Allow cost center budgeting, reports generation, automatic billing and collection, backlog tracking, etc. Reports can be exported in an elegant format and can be sent to clients

Timesheet and billing applications. They are useful in keeping track of the hours allocated per client, file or lawyer. The user can assign tasks to himself or to the team, can set deadlines, while being notified when these deadlines are overdue. Also, he can attach comments, files, and can group files based on categories or on their importance. The services performed can be listed in the details section of the bill.

Omni channel applications which centralize all documents. They can be accessed from any platform and require only an internet connection. They eliminate manual work through the automatic generation of contracts and auto completion of fields with information from the database. The updates performed in one place are automatically transferred in all the related files and themes

Software applications updated with the latest news from the industry or from files lawyers manage. The software development company can implement the function of automatic connection with the courts’ portal. The information is automatically pulled when a file riches court and later, after the hearing is set. Functions that can be implemented: file lookup based on certain criteria, SMS and email alerts when new hearings are set, etc.

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