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What is an ERP system? What about a cloud ERP?

What is an ERP system? What about a cloud ERP?

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System) represents a software that centralizes and manages: resources, processes, operations and informational workflows from a company. Data that is stored in an ERP can be accessed in real time by employees from many departments, facilitating communication and fast decision making based on an overview of the whole business, provided by the ERP software.

An ERP application is made up from many modules (Sales, Suppliers, Fixed Assets, Accounting, etc.), which gives the client flexibility in choosing those modules that are appropriate for his business. The utility of an ERP lies in the fact that it provides operational efficiency through multiple automations, real-time reporting for each department and for the whole company, help users make the business decisions which lead to achieving company goals.

Clues you need an ERP program:

·        Data regarding the company’s activity is incomplete, therefore does not allow having an overview of the performance obtained by the company

·        Complicated and inefficient business processes

·        You own many systems to separately manage the activity of departments in your company

What should you take into consideration when choosing an ERP soft?

·        An ERP solution must offer all the functionalities you need and must adapt to the business processes in your company

·        An ERP program must not generate dependency from your IT provider in regards to upgrades and neither to modifications that must be made in the ERP application, as a result of changes in the business processes

·        An ERP program must offer the possibility to configure the type of access each user has, depending on his role in the company. These rights can be admin rights, editing rights, etc.

·        The provider must have a solid know-how in ERP implementation and be flexible enough to develop and tailor the ERP app to your needs

·        Support offered by the ERP provider must manifest itself through the means of user trainings, before and after the implementation

·        An ERP program must be implemented in a reasonable time, so that it can support productivity and efficiency KPI indicators in your company

Advantages of an ERP program:

Efficiency. An ERP system must eliminate redundant and repetitive operations and decrease the number of manual data to be input

Information centralization. All information (contracts management, client management, accounting, assets and suppliers management) are centralized in a single soft, which streamlines data accuracy. Moreover, if a company has several subsidiaries geographically spread, a unique database is extremely useful.

Unique reporting system. Depending on allocated rights, each user can instantly extract reports and analysis, the ERP system being capable to return results for complex queries.

Prediction capabilities and root cause analysis. The ERP softs can have prediction functionalities, can offer valuable business insights and can identify problematic business areas.

Integration with other systems. Integration with other systems (document management, for ex.) is possible by using APIs.

Back-up and traceability. History of all operations is stored in the ERP soft, which can be extremely useful in case of an audit. All data benefit from back-up.

What is a cloud ERP solution?

A traditional ERP solution requires the acquisition of a license and the implementation is made at client’s headquarters, using his hardware resources. In the case of SaaS ERP solutions, hosting, maintenance, security and upgrades are the cloud provider’s responsibility. Consequently, implementation costs are lower and payment is subscription based. Another advantage of cloud ERP solutions is that upgrades don’t require additional costs and don’t overwrite the initial customizations, like traditional ERP programs do.

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