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ERP migration

ERP migration

ERP solutions represent the informational backbone of growing companies and are often seen as a decisive factor in their success or failure. As long as internal and external company environments continue to change, ERP solutions need to keep up in order to help organizations monetize opportunities and foresee perils.

In situations where business processes have suffered major changes or where the current ERP isn't able to rise to the company's required performance levels it becomes necessary to consider changing it to a solution capable of supporting the updated strategic objectives.

This was the case of International Leasing, a major leasing company that went through a complex business restructuring process. The restructuring process led to the migration from TotalSoft's Charisma ERP to an in-house developed ERP which was later developed and maintained by Soft Pepper. The decision to migrate towards the in-house developed ERP was based on its banking-finance features and custom development specific to International Leasing's business processes. With the help of good project management, the migration to the new system was accomplished as scheduled without causing any company downtime.

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