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Insurance Policies Factory

365broker is one of our flag-ship software applications developed for insurance brokers and brokerage assistants. The app is built as a complete solution allowing users to create insurance policies (for cars, homes, travelling), manage their portfolio and optimize the overall business flow.

The team's vast software development experience in financial and insurance markets represented the main resource for choosing and implementing all the features specific to insurance and financial markets.

The application's main purpose is to improve the productivity and efficiency of brokerage and insurance business operations. In order to achieve these goals we designed an ergonomic user interface that allows brokers to compare insurance offers with no more than one click and create policies after just 2 clicks. The app's main menu is optimized to include instant acces to both business information and policies data.

Main features:
Advanced security options like user, roles and insurers management together with an advanced auditing and logging system that enables complete traceability for any transaction inside the application
Complex and powerful reporting tools that allow thorough analyses of brokerage operations
User friendly GUI designed for improved efficiency and productivity

365broker is one of Soft Pepper’s defining apps so we provide prompt and quality support for each customer's request. Also, our SLA contracts cover all the necessary updates caused by legislation or business practice changes. We are driven by our customers success and consider that its our mission to provide innovative solutions that help them reach their objectives.

Soft Pepper's "think outside the box" approach convinced me to choose them over any other software supplier in the market and I am always pleasantly surprised of the way they handle business problems using the latest and most efficient technologies. We found in 365broker all the features we need to strengthen our position in the insurance market.
Mihai Iorgoveanu, EuroArc Insurance Broker

After an internal overview regarding the available software applications for the Romanian insurance market we decided to work with Soft Pepper's 365broker web application. Their solution transformed the way we do business and improved our team's overall productivity. By reaching our customers with our offer at the right time, we managed to increase our revenues with more then 50%.
Clara Cocora, Credo Insurance Broker

We are using 365broker to successfully manage policies, customers and our sales partners. I personally think it's one of the best business decisions we ever made because it allows us to focus 100% on creating policies and winning customers. Many administrative activities have been either automated or highly optimized.
Toni Tataru, OKasig.ro

Soft Pepper is an ISO certified solution provider: ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 20000-1 Information technology - Service Management, ISO 27001 Information security management thus ensuring sensitive data security and high quality standards for the provided services.

Unleash the full potential of your insurance/brokerage business with 365broker, the complete web based solution. For details or to schedule a demo meeting please use our contact form or call us at +40 372 129 290

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