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365ERP - Efficient and flexible cloud ERP system

365ERP - Efficient and flexible cloud ERP system

The sustainability of your business is very important for us. That’s why we created 365 ERP, the flexible and customizable enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Explore how you can obtain operational efficiency and an overview of your business at a very low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Why choose 365 ERP?

-  Complete overview of your business and valuable insights

-  Fast and smart business decisions

- Operational simplification due to  multiple automatizations and to the reduced number of data to be manually input by the user

-  Subscription based solution. No additional resources required for upgrades, licenses or hardware

Signs you need an ERP solution:

-        Lack of visibility regarding the company’s performance

-        Difficult decision-making process, due to incomplete data

-        You need to maintain multiple systems which have various costs associated with them

-        Information management is done manually on paper, or using Excel

Traditional ERP

Big investments, both during the implementation phase and further on, for upgrades, hardware resources, servers, maintenance and specialized IT personnel

When ERP providers launch new upgrades and product releases, the previously implemented customizations are invalidated, which means that the IT department must rework on the customizations from the ground up. For this reason, lots of companies use very old versions of traditional ERP systems

Implementation of ERP traditional systems takes much longer, as it requires additional hardware resources that must be installed

Scalability requires additional costs. In order to grant access to multiple employees to a traditional ERP system, in most of the cases, additional hardware resources are required



Low investments concerning the adjustment of the ERP to the business model clients adopt. Hosting, maintenance, security and upgrades are managed by Soft Pepper Solutions, relieving the company’s IT department of additional tasks

Subscription based payment permits a better cash flow management and budget planning

365 ERP is constantly enhanced, so that customers can benefit from the newest and most advanced versions of ERP, without overwriting the initial customizations and integrations

98% uptime and daily external back-up

365 ERP can be accessed in real time by the company’s personnel from any device, using an internet connection

The installation is done much faster, due to the fact that additional hardware resources are not required.

BLACK FRIDAY discounts: 

  • 40% discount from 50 euro/ month/ user to 30 euro/ month/ user

365 ERP modules:

Sales, Suppliers, Fixed assets, Accounting, Nomenclature

For a live demo of 365ERP, contact us by using  our contact form or by phone at +40 372 129 290

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