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365Ticketing-Efficient cost-cutting ticket management system

365Ticketing-Efficient cost-cutting ticket management system

365Ticketing- Versatile SaaS ticketing system which can be used as a help desk software, issue tracking software or as an incident management software.

Problems the ticket tracking software 365Ticketing solves:

Difficulty in prompt incident solving and in respecting deadlines

Inequitable workload of the personnel in charge with solving tickets

Low value of end user satisfaction and loyalty KPIs

High human errors occurrence in generating employees’ productivity reports

Benefits of the ticketing software 365Ticketing:

  • Increased operational efficiency determined by ticket resolution within SLA time
  • High end-users’ level of satisfaction and loyalty due to enhanced communication and visibility in the resolution process
  • Equitable workload of the personnel in charge of solving tickets and better track of their activities and productivity
  • Low rate of repeat incidents


Incident management system
Ticketing management software

The support ticketing system 365ticketing optimizes the process of solving incidents within SLA time. After a ticket is created, the incident is automatically routed to the resolution group, which receives notifications by email. Afterwards the assigned personnel checks in to the location. The duration of the intervention process is monitored by the application and approved by the end beneficiary, constituting the basis for client billing. The issue tracking software contains a rich set of reports offering root cause analysis. These reports can help reduce the rate of such incidents, while improving intervention time.  Employees’ productivity can be achieved through the ticket management system’s activity tracking capabilities and reports. 


365ticketing is an online ticketing system that can be used as a customer service , increasing productivity through rapid service and ticket resolution within SLA time. The multitude of automation allowson one hand for emails to be automatically transformed into tickets and on the other hand for tickets to be automatically assigned to the allocated personnel with a smaller workload. Productivity of employees in charge of solving tickets is easier to track due to reporting features for each employee like: number of solved tickets, ticket resolution time, and number of overdue deadlines. End-users’ levels of satisfaction and loyalty increase due to better visibility gained through notifications at each step of the resolution process and to optimized resolution times. Prevention of recurrent incidents and complaints is achieved by utilizing business insights and root cause analysis provided by the customer service software

Advantages provided by the help desk ticketing software's features and functions:

Automatic ticket assignment to the authorized technicians based on workload balancing

Automatic deadline calculation based on the technicians’ work schedule

Meeting SLAs due to sending alerts and notifications when deadlines are approaching

Improved communication with the end-user thanks to automatic communications sent with regards to the ticket status

Identification of the activity sectors that need improvements based on root cause analysis provided by the web based help desk software. Possibility to take corrective measures.

Calculus of incidents’ resolution time which facilitates invoice and quote issuance

Time and resources savings due to the elimination of manual ticket assignment

Superior evaluation of the personnel in charge of ticket resolution based on the number of solved tickets, resolution time, deadline overdue. Optimization of their planning and time management processes. Time savings concerning monthly reports of their activities and schedule.

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