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SaaS Applications

SaaS Applications

Soft Pepper provides ERP, ticketing systems/incident management software and broker SaaS apps. These applications are available on a subscription basis, are hosted in our data center and you can access them over the internet. There is no need for you to install and run applications on your computer or in your own data center, therefore you don’t have to spend money on hardware acquisition, maintenance, neither on software licensing, installation and support.

Other advantages of the SaaS applications we provide:

  • Flexible payments
  • Scalability and integration
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Reduced time to benefit
  • New releases (upgrades)
  • High adoption rate
  • Increased uptime and security
  • Platform agnostic.
  • Accessible at any time



Software solutions in our portfolio meet the requirements of the following industries: finance (financial leasing, operational leasing, micro crediting), insurance, accounting, automotive (rent a car, car service), courier services, translations, PR and advertising, facility management, etc.


365ERP: SaaS ERP solution which can help you obtain:

365ticketing. Ticketing system/incident management solutions which offers:


365broker. SaaS application helping insurance brokers with:


Complete overview over your business and valuable insights
Rapid and informed business decisions
Operational simplification due to multiple automations and to the reduced number of data to be input manually


Increased operational efficiency in solving tickets and incidents
Workload automatic ticket allocation to employees with a smaller workload
Superior customer loyalty and satisfaction
Possibility to accurately keep track of employees’ schedule and activities
Instant online issuance of insurance policies by utilizing a user friendly and intuitive interface
Management of all the pieces of information, contracts and special condition for each client
Administration of the whole range of insurance products: RCA, PAD, Travel, etc.


365ERP, 365ticketing and 365broker offer the following benefits: 
Increased efficiency. The implementation of automatic mechanisms and the user friendly interface with a high degree of usability will help decrease the time users spend to complete the necessary operations 
Flexible architecture. Allows customization and personalization of apps based on the specific of any client’s business
Role-based configuration. Access to the applications and editable rights can be configured based on the user’s role 
New functionalities at minimal costs. At beneficiary’s request new functionalities or modules can be added and integrated into the apps 
Audit and traceability. The platform provides a module of audit and traceability so that you will know, at every moment, who has accessed the platform and what type of changes have been made.
Soft Pepper hosting. Since the applications will be hosted in Soft Pepper’s data center, you will have no worries concerning the management of your IT infrastructure. You will not be asked to provide additional physical and human resources.
Software assurance pack. This pack provides continuous implementation of functionalities and optimization of current ones, at no cost. Moreover, it assures legislative conformity of your applications through app updates according to legislative changes.
Reduced number of operations. Through the implementation of implicit values, automatic mechanisms and validations, the number of manual operations will decrease and the automatic validations will not allow for incorrect data to be saved.
Customization. The apps are “packaged” with an administration area which allows users with admin rights to customize the applications based on the company’s needs 
Notifications and alerts. Users of 365ERP and 365ticketing can automatically send a series of alerts and notifications through email and/or SMS when certain predefined events happen.


Some reasons to trust us:

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan (cf. ISO27 001)
There is no minimum contract period
Money back – in case you are not satisfied with the quality of the services we provide, we guarantee the full refund of the value of first month’s subscription
The lines of code have been written from the ground up, so there is no redundant code
SLA up-time of 97%
The following ISO certifications : ISO-9001, ISO-20000-1 and ISO-27001 guarantee the quality of our services
Soft Pepper is a certified Microsoft partner


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