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Many organizations are interested in adopting cloud services, but are not willing to sacrifice their security, visibility and level of control they own. Through the virtualization service, we meet the necessities of these companies, offering them the possibility to protect their current IT investment, together with the enhancement of the application infrastructure, using cloud resources.


We provide virtual machines or SQL databases and physical machines to clients looking for a high performance level, even in cases of extremely high traffic. We select carefully the best hardware and infrastructure for our clients.

Our virtualization services include:

-        Virtualization services with Failover Clustering (incl. administration, maintenance and support): Virtual Private Server, Virtual Dedicated Server, Virtual Machines (Virtual Machine Hosting Win/Linux), MS SQL Virtual Machines Dedicated servers;

Our differentiators:

-        Competitive prices on virtual machines and MS SQL databases

-        Performant and reliable local Data Center

-        Technological expertise in: ASP.NET, MS SQL

-        Our thorough expertise and constant investments in the most reliable equipment allows us to guarantee an uptime of 98%.

-        We place a strong emphasis on updating our team’s specific technical knowledge on: virtual machines, MS SQL databases, hardware configuration and server administration. Our ISO certificates (ISO 9001, ISO 20000-1 and ISO 27001) stand as proof for our team’s technical capabilities regarding network isolation, role-based access control and the integration with the service director

BLACK FRIDAY discounts:

  • first 3 months  free for a 1 year subscription

  • 6 months free for a 2 years subscription

Benefits of virtualization:

-        Virtual machine migration, enabling the movement of virtual machines from one server to another

-        Cost benefits du to the use of more powerful systems that use fewer space, power, port and cabling.

-        Security management.  Includes separating development from production workloads and allocating isolated resources for update testing.

-        Instant capacity. The virtual machine can be provided almost instantly to the client, unlike a period of days, necessary to provide a physical server.

-        Isolate applications. This allows for more apps to be stored on a virtual machine, cutting down on server waste by provisioning virtual machines with the exact amount of CPU, memory, and storage resources that they need.

We are available for talks and ready to make you an offer that best suits your needs. You can reach us by using our contact form or by phone at +40 372 129 290.

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